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Mod full skin hot pick đầy đủ hiệu ứng âm thanh không lỗi mới nhất mùa 18 dành cho ios và android

About the game:
Arena of Valor (English name: Arena of Valor) is a strategy game in the arena, many players released by Garena, distributed on mobile platforms Androi and iOS.
This game is derived from Tencent Games' Royal Family of Honor developed and released in China.
Because the game contains characters from Chinese history, it was not released overseas. Therefore, Tencent Games has changed, improved the image of characters to internationalize and distributed for Garena to release in the Taiwan market under the name Legend of Opposition on October 14, 2016.
As of November 21, 2016, the game was released in Vietnam. Later the game was released by Garena in the remaining Southeast Asian countries and by Tencent Games itself in Europe, America and India.
July 29, 2018 is marked as the world's first League of Legends birthday, and it is also the day the AWC 2018 final took place in Los Angeles, USA.
Although many players around the world have been positively received, so to the present time, Garena Lien Quan Mobile is still labeled as a "fake League of Legends game".
The game modes in the Game:
Normal match: In normal match mode, there are 10 mini modes, including: Normal match 5vs5, Trio match, Hook battle, Chaos match, Solo 1v1, Mortal Arena, Football, Human match, Duel Duel - Transfiguration and 10v10 battle (coming soon).
With this mode, each player playing Lien Quan Mobile game will feel many different types of maps as well as experience extremely interesting modes.
Matching Machine: Similar to normal battle but there are 3 levels for players to choose from: beginner, easy, difficult for players 

Practice: This is the mode for those who want to test generals or just learn to play Lien Quan.

Training: There are three training modes for new players. In Training Matches: Players can choose most generals and choose enemy generals (Machine), In training there are many tools such as Champion, cooldown cancellation, Level Up, ... for both us and the enemy (Machine). , let the enemy stand still,

Optional: Same as normal game but with extra tournament mode. You can add machines and create 2 teams that can invite friends to play with and apply with the three arena modes above.