What are some notes to study in Switzerland?

Studying in Switzerland is still a pretty HOT keyword phrase for enthusiasts. And want to work in the hotel industry. So if you want to study in Switzerland, what do you need to have and how to prepare? Let's find out through the following article!

For a long time, the hotel industry has been dubbed the goose that lays the golden eggs for Switzerland, the richest European country in the world. In Switzerland, there are 2 cities in the TOP of the most expensive cities in the world. Including Geneva and Zurich with 11th and 9th respectively in the world.

1, What are the requirements for studying in Switzerland?

Switzerland is famous for having fairly liberal requirements for international students when studying here. If countries like UK, Australia, USA, Canada require quite high IELTS English score. And the financial proofing conditions are relatively strict. Then you can completely enjoy this condition if you study in Switzerland.

Until now you can still study in Switzerland. With the required IELTS score is not too high and does not require financial proof.

This country also does not have strict restrictions on regions and age gaps. This invisibly creates many advantages for Vietnamese international students. However, you still have to meet some basic requirements if you want to study in Switzerland for tourism and hospitality.

English condition

To study in Switzerland directly into the main courses, you will have the following basic requirements:

English course: you should have IELTS 4.5 or higher

College course: you should have IELTS 5.0 – 5.5 or higher

Undergraduate and Master courses: you should have IELTS 6.0 – 6.5 or higher

If you do not have English and IELTS from the beginning of Vietnam. You can completely take the test with the school and register to study English in Switzerland.

Conditions of study points

To enroll in hospitality courses in Switzerland, you should maintain an average GPA of 6.5 – 7.0 or higher.

Some basic questions:

From what grade should I go to study in Switzerland?

Normally, hotel tourism programs, if you can complete the 11th grade program in the past, students in Vietnam who are 17 years old or older can study abroad for a 1-year preparatory program. However, at the present time, international students should be at least 18 years old to make it easier to process Visa.

After graduating from a college or university with another major in Vietnam, can I transfer to a higher degree in tourism and hospitality in Switzerland?

Usually yes, however you should have work experience in this field. This program is mostly met with those who have graduated from a university in Vietnam in another major but want to study a master's degree in tourism and hospitality in Switzerland.

2, Finance to study in Switzerland need to prepare what?

As a very developed European country, the cost of living and studying in Switzerland is quite expensive. When there are 2 cities in the top most expensive on the planet. However, in return, there are many schools that train hotel and tourism management in Switzerland. The cost of studying in Switzerland will range from 15,000 - 30,000 CHF/year (360 - 720 million VND/year.

In Switzerland, there are many schools in the TOP of the best hotel management schools in the world such as HIM, SHMS, César Ritz, CAA, IHTTI, EHL, Glion.... Of course, the cost of a good school is also quite high, you will have to spend about 140 - more than 160,000 CHF/3 years (equivalent to more than 3 billion VND).

Or schools at a more "comfortable" level like BHMS, up to 100,000 CHF/3 years (nearly 2.4 billion VND).

Some more economical options are Swiss IM&H international students have the opportunity to study at the lowest cost in Switzerland. The average tuition fee is only 15,000 - 16,200 CHF/year.

Most importantly, the internship period is highly paid. With the minimum salary set by the Swiss Government from CHF 2,168/month. Thus, it only costs about 217 million/year.

Do I need to prove my finances if I want to study in Switzerland?

Switzerland is famous for being a country that requires financial records when studying abroad quite easily and simply. You do not need to submit documents such as salary statements, labor contracts, real estate, etc.

However, in some cases there may be financial doubts. When international students study at the school or have inappropriate plans, you will have to explain. But the procedure is also quite simple.

Does the cost of studying in Switzerland include accommodation costs?

Normally, the process of studying in Switzerland will be interspersed with 6 months of study and 6 months of internship. And the cost includes tuition and accommodation at the school during the study period. Thus, the above cost is not expensive when compared to the UK, Australia, the US, etc.